October 20, 2010

The regular meeting of the Randall City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all members present.

                The minutes of the last meeting were approved as presented


                Motion by Andres 2nd by Carter to a pay all bills presented.  Carried


                Jerry Peterschick is waiting for more information on the electric rebate program with MN Power.  He will have it ready for the November meeting.


                The council was reminded that the Randall Area Business Group will be doing some clean-up on the property at the South end of mainstreet this Saturday.


                Mayor Riitters and Jerry Peterschick met with Greg Rutten and Jeff Hines of Aspire Realty regarding the property at 531 Pacific Avenue and whether the city is interested in purchasing it or not.  It was decided that there is no interest in the property at this time.


                Jerry Peterschick informed the council that the city could hire the city attorney to prepare all the required documents in order to get the piece of land with an “unknown” owner, at the South end of mainstreet, into the city’s name for a cost of approx. $2000.00-$2500.00.  Councilman Carter stated that the city should move forward on this and get it done and made a motion which was 2nd by Adamski to move forward with the process of hiring an attorney to conduct a title search and get the land into the city’s name.  The motion was later rescinded by both members, with Carter stating that we should move forward but do some preliminary work ourselves first before we look into hiring someone.  Both Carter and Adamski rescinded the motion contingent on this work getting done before the next regular meeting.


Planning and Zoning Permits:

Charley Carlson-Chain link fence-Motion by Andres 2nd by Adamski to approve.  Carried

Dale Dalquist-56x96 pole shed. Motion by Carter 2nd by Andres to approve.  Carried

Melissa Gardner-Privacy Fence-Motion by Adamski 2nd by Turner to approve.  Carried

Troy and Curt Martinson-38x38 building; the Planning and Zoning minutes state the following:  to go ahead as long as it meets all set-backs, drainage easements and is ok with other property owners. 

                It was stated that Martinsons need to purchase some land from Steve Roberts and that the drainage ditch will have to be moved.  This is entirely the responsibility of Martinsons to get this done.

                Motion by Carter 2nd by Turner to approve the permit contingent on ensuring the ditch is properly constructed to avoid water runoff onto adjoining property owners and permit must be signed by the President of Planning and Zoning and the Mayor before construction can begin.  Carried


                It was mentioned that the delinquent utility list is looking much better.  City staff will provide a list of all accounts that have been turned into collections at the next regular meeting.


                The council will hold a special meeting on November 4, 2010, at 9:00 a.m. at the fire hall meeting room.   The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the proposed levy amount, 2011 budget, wages and to approve the election results.


                The council sends it’s condolences to the Dan Thilquist and his family for the loss of his Father.


                There was a power outage today and the cause was a tree that had blown down onto the lines.


                Councilmembers mentioned how nice the Bingo Park area, on both sides of the river, looks after city staff did a lot of brush and branch cutting and cleaning.


                The city has received some funds from a vehicle forfeiture due to a DWI and those funds must be used for equipment or training towards the enforcement of DWI’s.  Chief VandenAvond presented the council with a price for a new radar of $2310.00 plus a maximum of $75.00 to take out the old one and install the new.  He did also mention of a Safe and Sober grant that may be available for some equipment where the city would pay half and the grant would pay half.  The council instructed VandenAvond to check into the grant to see if radar’s are included, as the city may be able to update a couple items, rather than just one.


                Councilman Adamski asked if the building behind the liquor store has been painted yet.  Jerry Peterschick stated that is has not been done yet and he doesn’t know if it will get done this year anymore.


                Mayor Riitters gave a brief update on the League of MN Cities regional meeting he attended in Walker.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20p.m.