August 21, 2013

The regular meeting of the Randall City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all members present except Councilman Turner.


The minutes of the regular July meeting and special July 15th meeting were approved as presented.


Motion Andres 2nd by Noss to payment of the bills, carried.


Building Permits:  Motion by Adamski 2nd by Noss to accept permit received for July for Travis Schnobrich chain link fence. Carried.


Delinquent Accounts:  Nothing to address this month


Recreation: No update from the school regarding the painting of the tennis courts. Jerry Peterschick did find out that repairing around the walk bridge in Bingo Park that no permit is required by the DNR. The repairs will start in the near future. 


Training: The Equalization training will be September 10, 2013 at 7p.m. in meeting room 1 at the courthouse, all council attending except Dan Noss.


New Administrative Assistant: Jody Lausen as the new administrative assistant, officially started August 6, 2013.


Water – Waste Water Operator: Advertisement in Morrison County Record for two weeks. 

City Cemetery:  Dan Noss stated that it would be nice to have a wrought iron sign made that says “Randall City Cemetery” and placed between the two driveways at the cemetery. No updates presented at meeting.


River Road: At the June council meeting it was approved to use Class #5 gravel for a cost of $3,960.00. This is to repair the graveled portion of River Road using funds from the contingency fund, Wendell will be working with Crosby & Sons Construction to possibly use some crushed cement.


Superior Avenue and E 4th Street: The city will contact Tri-City for estimate for resurfacing Superior and assessment for the cost to repair E 4th Street.


Mosquito Control:  City Manager, Jerry Peterschick and councilman Dan Noss met with the two representatives from the company, Clarke, based in Clearwater MN, to get an estimate for the mosquito control. They are working on plan for the city. The contract would be flexible, depending on the season. They confirmed, the costs each city household approximately $18 per year, reflected on their monthly utility statement and area cities have had only a few complaints from residents. If they agree to move forward with this, it will begin next year.


The 4th of July Committee: Donna Lungren and Mike Drew were present at the council meeting to share a long term project that they want to start fundraising effort for improving the Bingo Park playground. They would like to add handicap accessible equipment. However, Amber, the representative from Flag Ship, a company that makes this equipment for special needs, came to Randall to view playground. According to her assessment, the playground needed to be upgraded from the current p-rock that it had to the wood-fiber that is now the code. Donna mentioned that they would like Amber to come to the September council meeting for a full presentation. Council agreed to have presentation for September meeting at 6:30 p.m.


The committee wants to sell Pocket calendars for $20, with purchase of these calendars. You are entered into a $20.00 daily drawing, with 14-16 times a year to win bigger amounts. The first drawing with council Dan Noss and Jerry Adamski, at City Hall on December 30, 2013. The initial quantity they want to start selling would be 1,250.


Police Department: Chief of Police, Charles Strack was present and gave a few updates. Chuck has done some research on the cost for a kennel for the new K-9 addition, Ellie. What he found out was the cost to buy a kennel suitable for the squad car is quite expensive. The dog cannot be exposed to the passengers. He was going to contact Ray’s Auto Body in Little Falls to get an estimate to custom build a kennel using Plexiglas and plywood.


General observations from the public and council present stated they have noticed more sheriff deputies patrolling and state troopers as well.


Chuck expressed the concern for the 911 response to call and the house numbers on the residences’ houses. Make note to put another notice on the utility billing and they need to be a minimum size of 4 inch, close to the entry, color needs to constant to the house and needs to be visible from the road.


Chuck wants to also bring a letter to the council’s attention next month’s meeting concerning the Narcotics Coalition in Little Falls and what they are doing about legalizing marijuana.


Coffee with the Cop: Chief of Police, Charles Strack wants to start ‘Coffee with the Cop’. Starting in September meeting with the community mid-morning to visit. Residents not only get to express concerns they may have, but get to know Chuck. Council agreed that this would good to start. The first attempt will start by putting a flier in with the utility bills. The date for ‘Coffee with the Cop’ will be printed on the utility bill.


Heat Share program: Motion by Riitters and 2nd Adamski to participate in HeatShare with the Salvation Army, the city has participated in this program in prior years. Carried.


Initiative Foundation - 2014 commitment: Motion made by Noss and 2nd by Andres to commit to an amount of $750 for the 2014 year. Carried.


2013 Regional meeting: All council members and city manager are invited to meeting on the October 9, 2013 date.


Truth in Taxation: There was no increase in the taxation levy for 2013. Motion by Andres 2nd by Adamski to place a 4% increase for 2014, which would be $5400 as a preliminary increase. This amount can be lowered at the year-end taxation review in December 2013, but cannot be increase. Carried.


Miscellaneous: Council brought a few concerns brought to their attention. First was the snow-plowing is leaving driveways and yards dug up and messy.


Meeting adjourned at 8:34p.m.