Special and Closed meetings August 30, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with all members present.  Mayor Riitters gave a brief overview of the events leading up to this meeting.

                The only candidate the city chose to interview was Charles “Chuck” Strack.


                Strack proceeded with a brief background on himself, stating he is married with four children, he grew up just a mile and a half Southwest of Randall and attended Dr. S.G. Knight Elementary and graduated from Little Falls High School.  He attended St. Cloud State University and graduated with his four year degree in Criminal Justice.  He has been an employee with the Little Falls Police Department since 1998 and applied and was granted the position of sergeant in 2005.  He is a full-time narcotics investigator and is a member of the Central MN Drug Task Force.  He enjoys softball, coaching youth baseball, hunting and fishing and he and his wife own a storage business in Little Falls.


                He stated it is important to him to be visible in the city and he will do his best with the amount of hours the council has assigned to be as visible as possible.

                All calls will be directed to the sheriff’s department and from there will be forwarded to either our officer or if our officer is off duty, will be forwarded to a county deputy. 

                If hired, Strack would carry his own sidearm.  He is qualified in the tazer therefore will be able to utilize the city’s equipment.  The city will purchase uniforms.  There will be no set schedule, Strack will set his own hours.


                Motion by Carter 2nd by Andres to offer Charles Strack the part-time police chief position pending wage negotiation discussion.  Carried


Meeting adjourned



Meeting was called to order

                A motion was made by Adamski 2nd by Carter to offer the part-time police chief position to Charles Strack at $20.00 per hour.  The city will purchase two sets of pants, two shirts and a police jacket.  He will qualify with the city’s firearms and will begin his position after successful completions of a background check and drug & alcohol tests.  Carried

                Charles agreed to all terms and accepted the offer.

Meeting adjourned