July 16, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all members present, except Mayor Riitters and Council member Rick Turner.


Regularly scheduled meeting June 18, 2014, Special Meeting June 25, 2014 & Special Meeting July 10, 2014 were approved as presented.


Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Turner to approve the payment of the bills. Carried


Guests: Donna Lundgren and Mike Drew were present to discuss with council comments and concerns about 4th of July celebration. This year was first year in a long time that the committee tried to have all events for the 4th of July because it was on a Friday. They really wanted to get the street dance coordinated with the events of the celebration to be on one day event. However, due to unavailability of a pyro-technician of the 4th, the committee could not get one. Overall, the parade, car show, duck races, bed races, food vendors, street dance and local businesses said it was a very success and enjoyable celebration. Donna informed the council that the pyro-technician is set up for next year to have fireworks on the July 3rd. Next year Donna welcomes and wants the community groups to help if they can.


New Business:

Motion by Andres and seconded by Adamski to accept resolution for approving plans, specifications and ordering for bids on Superior Ave Project. Carried


Motion by Noss and seconded by Adamski to approve of online support with cost of $577.13 during the computer update process for the liquor store off sale register through Retail Technology Experts. Carried


Motion by Adamski and seconded by Andres to use $1,000.00 of the Park Fund for updating the BINGO Park landscaping located in front entry. Carried


Planning & Zoning permits:

Motion by Noss and seconded by Adamski to accept the following permits as recommended by the planning and zoning committee; #1) Randall Area Business Group to install a new sign on the Old Hardware Store Property with the size being 12’x15’ #2) Danny Fisher to reside his 12.6’x25’ Garage and to add new steel roof. #3) Wade Sandbakken to replace existing window with new patio door, also add a 16’x18’ deck on west side of the house. #4) John Breden construct a Handicap Ramp to house. #5) Tim Strack Build a new storage shed on floating slab 25’x106’. #6) Lyle Nelson Reside house and Garage. #7) Judy Jensen Add a new Deck to house 12’x26’ to the north side and with a walk way of 3x16. #8) Steve Scherping, replace siding on house. Carried


Liquor Store Update:  Nothing to report.                                             Water and Sewer:  Nothing to report.


Maintenance Department:  Cemetery cleanup is progressing.        Police Department Report: Nothing to report.


Council Member’s concerns:

Motion by Adamski and seconded by Noss to place a hold on the advertisement of the City Manager and Liquor Manager position until a full council is present. Adamski and Noss voted yes; Andres voted no.


Dan: Wanted to inform council that many citizens of Randall have informed him of how disappointed they were to not have fireworks for the 4th of July celebration. Also, Wendell has purchased and been using his own high-pressure washer to clean the lawnmowers off and feels the city should purchase one.          


Charley: Nothing to report.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. Next regularly scheduled council meeting will be August 20, 2014 at Randall Fire Hall.