October 21, 2015

Council meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. All council members present except Mayor Riitters.

Regularly scheduled council meeting minutes of September 15, 2015 were accepted as present.

Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Noss to approve the payment of the bills as presented. Carried


Donations: None at this time

Guest: None at this time

Old Business: All of the well project work is complete for the time being. The next step will be in March 2016. No other old business at this time.

New Business: BNSF Railroad is recommending the city close pedestrian crossing in between the Superior Avenue and BNSF Leased parking area in front of the Randall VFW. At this point the city is responsible and liable for any incident that may occur at that crossing. BNSF Railroad would complete all the work necessary to close this crossing and once completed all responsibility and liability will belong to BNSF Railroad.


Motioned by Noss and seconded by Turner to approve closing the pedestrian crossing in between the Superior Avenue and BNSF Leased parking area in front of the Randall VFW. Carried


Planning & Zoning permits: Motioned by Noss and seconded by Adamski to accept the approved permit as present Brandon Booten: to put up a chain link fence in back yard and on side of house. A 4’ tall fence 30 feet by 45 feet long with at least gate access. Carried

Committee Reports: City Manager/Liquor Store – Matt: New full-time employee for the liquor store is doing well. Matt has been looking at plow trucks. Matt is narrowing the options down but not set on one specific truck yet. The 4th of July Committee will be purchasing all new banners for the city. Wendell removed all the existing banners.

Maintenance Supervisor – Wendell, no concerns.     Police Department Report –

                                                                                    Impound Vehicle is paid and gone.

Water and Sewer – Mike: City had a power outage and it affected the Boulder Place lift station. We submitted a claim the League of MN Cities and received $457.00. The main lift station will need a new pump which is not required until spring.

Council Member concerns:

Charley – No concerns to report.               Jerry – No concerns to report.                    Rick - No concerns to report.

Dan – will not be able to help with the 4th of July Calendar Fund-Raiser drawing at the end of the year.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.


Next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday November 18, 2015 regular council meeting at 7:00 p.m. at Randall Fire Hall.