August 18, 2010

The regular meeting of the Randall city council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all members present.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved as presented.


Motion by Adamski 2nd by Andres to pay the bills.  Carried 4-in favor, Carter abstained


The boring of the water line has been completed between Dove Road and Maplewood Drive and city staff plans to connect the properties to the line in the coming week.


Motion by Carter 2nd by Adamski to adopt the Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan from the Morrison Soil & Water Conservation District as it pertains to the City of Randall.  Carried


The pile of recycled blacktop at the end of Brummer Drive has been removed and the dog complaint from last month’s meeting has been resolved. 

The city did receive an anonymous letter in the mail with a complaint about a residence with 3 dogs and this has been forwarded to the police chief for further investigation.


The liquor store received 2 bids for new tile in the men’s bathroom.  Both bids included the following:  remove old tile, sanitize floor, remove and replace stool and partition, remove bottom row of tile on wall and replace with new tile and replace floor with new tile.  The bid from Wiczeks Floors and More was $1781.60 and the bid from Denny’s Floor Covering was $1426.50.

Motion by Adamski 2nd by Carter to accept the lower bid from Denny’s Floor Covering.  Carried


The council discussed the tax levy for 2011 and whether they will need to raise it.  It was noted that there was no increase last year and the city has lost approx. $8000.00 in Local Government Aid (LGA)this year and anticipates losing more next year.   It was suggested by one councilmember that the city increase the levy by $8000.00 to make up for the loss in LGA.  The councilmembers will look over their notes and budgets and make a preliminary decision at the September 15th meeting.


Planning & Zoning:  Kyle Kalis- 40’long x 6’high dog-eared wood fence

Motion by Carter 2nd by Turner to approve the permit.  Carried


Upon reviewing the delinquent utility list, city staff was instructed to hand deliver 7 shut-off notices, expiring at noon Weds. August 25th and 1 notice expiring at noon on Friday August 20th.


Jerry Peterschick informed the council that he is going to look further into a program with MN Power on energy rebates for certain appliances and light bulbs and will bring more info to a future meeting.


Motion by Andres 2nd by Adamski to participate in the Salvation Army’s HeatShare program again this year.  Carried


Greg Rutten of Aspire Realty contacted city hall inquiring if the city would be interested in the lot at 531 Pacific Avenue, between city hall and the fire hall, if the house was removed from the property.  The council instructed Jerry Peterschick to contact Mr. Rutten and ask what kind of price he may have in mind.

Chief Vanden Avond informed the council that orders will begin to be taken on new squad cars at the end of September and the sooner the city places an order, the sooner the car will get here.  He also mentioned that the MN Highway and Research Center would like to purchase the car for a price of $5800.00, this price includes leaving the light bar, center console and siren box with the car.  The city has set up a fund for a new car and by the end of 2010 that fund will have 15000.00 in it.  A new car will cost approx. 21000.00.  The general feeling of the council was that the car we have should be able to last another year with proper maintenance.  Vanden Avond expressed his concern of officer safety and a car with high miles.  The council did not approve a new car at this time.


The building behind the liquor store still needs to be painted.  Jerry Peterschick stated that there may be a couple individuals with community service to have pressure wash and paint the building.


City staff will be taking care of all the weeds in the sidewalks this week.


Jerry Carter asked if there could be more law enforcement visible at the gas station.  He stated that numerous people are not stopping for the stop sign at Hwy 115 and Superior Avenue and also vehicle coming into the gas station parking lot fast.


Motion by Carter 2nd by Andres to approve the revised Minnesota Basic Code.  Carried


Meeting adjourned at 8p.m.