April 16, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all members present.


Regularly scheduled council meeting minutes, March 19, 2014, were approved as presented.


Motioned by Andres and seconded by Adamski to approve the payment of the bills after two adjustments were made. The first Sanders Construction for winter snowplowing needs to be added $8,320 and second payment of $79.00 from Morrison Co. Attorney to Morrison Co. Auditor’s Office. Carried


Guest Speaker: Camp Ripley Communications Officer Scott Bjerke was present to update the council on upcoming events such as trainings, prescribed burns etc. at Camp Ripley.


Old Business:

Motion made by Adamski and seconded by Turner to honor the donation of $3,500 to the 4th of July committee if they are able to have the firework display on the 3rd or 4th of July, but if unable to have the display on those two days, then the city will reduce the donation to $1,000 for general expenses of the celebration. Four approved and one apposed, motion carried.


Franklin Templeton funds have been transferred to general operating account. Widseth, Smith, Nolting & Assoc. came to City Hall and started the assessment process for the Superior Avenue Project. City received a Thank you from Green Prairie / Darling Twp. for $500 donation.


Reminder: May 7, 2014 9 a.m. at the Fire Hall Local Board of Appeal and Equalization, three members of council need to be present for this meeting.


New Business:

Motion by Turner and seconded Andres to accept donations received for Randall Baseball team from VFW of $600 and from Northern Pines of $100 to purchase a Yellow Ribbon City sign. Carried


Motion by Adamski and seconded by Turner to donate $750 to Initiative Foundation Annual Endowment. Carried


Planning & Zoning permits:

Motion by Noss and seconded by Andres to accept the following permits as recommended by the planning and zoning committee; 1 Jeremy Johnson – adding a shed; 2 Wade Norberg; adding a chain-linked fence on north & east side; 3 Charles Madden, replacing a 32” Door with a 36” Door and a deck to front/back of house; 4 Robert Hines, adding a 12x16 storage shed; 5 Roger Pietron, installing a vent fan & air exchanger to west side of building (old Randall Hardware). Carried


Liquor Store Update: Carpet at Liquor Store is completed.


Water and Sewer: nothing to report.


Maintenance Department: The new lawnmower from Evans Implement, 2014 Simplicity with bagger arrived. Modern Farm Equipment has the new tractor, New Holland Boomer 3050 it is just not on site yet.


Police Department Report: Nothing to report.


Council Member’s concerns:

Jerry A.: nothing at this time


Charley: City should sell the SUV that was taken in possession over a year ago.


Motion made by Andres and seconded by Adamski to put the SUV up for sealed bid or for sale through legal means after consulting Chief Strack. Carried


Rick: What is the update on the cemetery pillars? The rock pillars that are along the entrance of the city cemetery from County Road 1 are being disposed of will be cleaned up by end of May if not sooner.


Dan: Received new computers. After reviewing the setup at City Hall Dan recommends the City use the computer that city manager uses to be moved to the Liquor Store and the two new computers be used at city hall.


Motion made by Riitters and seconded by Noss to use the new computers at City Hall and replace the older computer at the Liquor Store with the city manager’s computer. Carried


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Next regularly scheduled council meeting will be May 21, 2014 at Randall Fire Hall.