July 17, 2013

The regular meeting of the Randall City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all members present except Councilman Turner.


The minutes of the regular June meeting and special June 13th meeting were approved as presented.


Motion by Andres 2nd by Noss to pay the bills.  Carrie


The Mayor acknowledged Boy Scout Zack Balaski, attending the meeting to earn a merit badge.


The Equalization training will be September 10, 2013 at 7p.m. in meeting room 1 at the courthouse.


The Mayor officially announced the hiring of Jody Lausen as the new administrative assistant.


Building Permits:  No permits this month


Delinquent Accounts:  Nothing to address this month


4th of July update: The bed races and duck races were a success and all went very well over the two days.  It was recommended that the bed and duck races be annual events.


Public Awareness Audit:  The MN Office of Pipeline Safety conducted an audit of the Natural Gas company’s Public Awareness Plan.  There were no issues found with the audit and all went well.


Recreation:  It was mentioned to contact the school regarding the painting of the tennis courts. 

                        Jerry Peterschick informed the council that the erosion has become a problem around the walk bridge in Bingo Park.  He has received a couple quotes, both approximately $3,000, for riprap and fabric and he has also been in contact the Morrison County Soil and Water regarding any grants that may be available and also has a call in to the DNR but has not received a response yet.


MedReturn:  The MedReturn station is being used and the public is encouraged to continue bringing in their old or unused medications.  More information is available at city hall.


Disc Golf Course:  The layout has been completed for the course and equipment installation should begin next Tuesday.  


City Cemetery:  Dan Noss stated that it would be nice to have a wrought iron sign made that says “Randall City Cemetery” and placed between the two driveways at the cemetery. 

Motion by Noss 2nd by Andres to have a sign made for the Randall City Cemetery not to exceed $200.  If the cost exceeds $200 then council approval will be needed.  Carried


River Road:  Dan Noss asked why a portion of River Road has never been tarred.  It was explained that this particular portion receives heavy traffic from semis and that is was best to leave it gravel.


Employee Retirement:  The council will be setting a special meeting in the near future to meet with Dan Thilquist and discuss issues and options regarding his upcoming retirement.


Mosquito Control:  Mayor Riitters asked that the council look at the possibility of hiring a company to come in for mosquito control.  He stated that a couple nearby cities do this and it costs each city household approximately $18 per year, reflected on their monthly utility statement and these cities have had no complaints from residents regarding the charge.  The council agreed this would be a good idea but will do a little more research before making a decision.  If they agree to move forward with this, it will begin next year.


Miscellaneous:  The council presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Jerry Carter for his 7 years of service on the City Council and to Angie Magee for her 10 years as Administrative Assistant.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35p.m.