September 19, 2012

                The regular meeting of the Randall City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all members present.

                The minutes of the August meeting were approved as presented.

Motion by Andres 2nd by Carter to pay the bills for the month.  Carried


Dan Noss updated the council on the Veteran’s Memorials signs and that they are at city hall and MNDOT will be installing them along Highway 10 soon.


Preliminary Tax Levy:  During discussion of setting the preliminary tax levy for 2013, the Mayor asked each member their opinion, reminding them that whatever it gets set at tonight, could be decreased but cannot be increased at the final levy meeting in December and their answers ranged anywhere from a 3% increase to and 8% increase. 

Motion by Turner 2nd by Carter to increase the preliminary tax levy for 2013 by 4%, from $135,000.00 to $140,400.00.  Carried


The Truth in Taxation meeting for the setting of the final tax levy for 2013 will be held on December 19, 2012 at 6:30pm, before the regular council meeting.


Motion by Andres 2nd by Adamski to adopt the Morrison County Hazardous Mitigation Plan Resolution.  Carried

Speed Limit signs by school:  There have been requests for 20mph speed limit signs to be installed in front of the school along Minnesota Avenue and also on E 6th Street/CR#104.  Morrison County will be contacted to see if they would install signs on the county road.

Motion by Carter 2nd by Andres to approve the purchase of 2 – 20mph school zone signs to be installed on Minnesota Avenue in front of the school.  Carried


Tree removal in Bingo Park:  The Randall-Cushing Little Elk Lions club, who decorated the tree in Bingo Park last year, would like to remove the existing tree as they feel it is not very attractive.  For this year they would cut the tree down, leaving a portion of the trunk that they would use to install a nice looking tree on for the Holly Day tree lighting.  In the spring, they would then remove the stump and plant a large tree in the same place.

Motion by Carter 2nd by Turner to approve the requested removal of the pine tree by the Randall-Cushing Little Elk Lions club, to be replaced in the spring.  Carried


Planning & Zoning:

Loren Strom – re-roof with steel and replace windows

Motion by Carter 2nd by Adamski to approve the permit.  Carried


Hinten Properties, LLC. – re-zone non-buildable piece of land from Residential to Commercial for a future site of a sign along Highway 10.

Motion by Turner 2nd by Andres to approve the re-zoning from Rural Residential to Commercial 1.  Carried


Randall State Bank – Conditional Use permit for a property on Pacific Avenue from Commercial 1 to Residential 2.  This permit was approved by Planning and Zoning. 

Motion by Andres 2nd by Riitters to accept the recommendation from Planning & Zoning for a conditional use permit for the Randall State Banks property at the North end of Pacific Avenue.

Discussion:  The city’s comprehensive plan states that Pacific Avenue will remain commercial with no residential being added.  The conditional use permit would allow for a property to become residential as long as it never unoccupied for over one year, in that case, the property would revert back to commercial.  In addition, if the building on the property would ever be destroyed, the property would revert back to commercial.

There was concern about the economic effect this could have on the city.  Taking another commercial building off the market is not a good idea.  Dan Noss, a resident of Randall, feels approving this permit would be a step backwards for Randall.  The general concern among some of the councilmembers was the idea of adding more residential to “mainstreet”, a place where the city needs more businesses.  After no further discussion, the Mayor took a roll call vote on the motion:

Rick Turner – no, Jerry Carter – no, Bob Riitters – yes, Jerry Adamski – no, Charley Andres – yes ---motion fails 3-2


Delinquent accounts were reviewed and look the best they have looked in a long time.


City Manager:   The League of MN Cities Regional Meeting will be held on October 11, 2012 in Sauk Rapids.  Any members wanting to attend need to let the office staff know ASAP.


Sewer & Water:  There may have to be a part replaced in one of the lift stations yet this fall.  The cost would be between $3000-$5000.


Maintenance Dept:  Wendell and Dan are beginning to locate all the utility lines in the city as the fiber optic line will begin to be installed next week.


Police Dept.:  Jerry Peterschick would like to stop the monthly payment for the squad car account at the end of this year, which will have $30,000.00 in it and start putting that same amount, $625.00 per month, in an account for the maintenance department as the purchase of another zero turn mower will be necessary in a couple of years.  The council was in agreement and as of January 1, 2013, the funds will be put in an account for the maintenance department and no longer for the squad car.


Meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.