November 19, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all council members present except Mayor Riitters and council member Rick Turner.


Regularly scheduled meeting minutes October 15, 2014 were approved as presented.


Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Noss to approve the payment of the bills once account number 160 was verified to not be a double payment. Carried


Donations Received: Motioned by Noss and seconded by Andres to accept $700 donation on behalf of the Randall Area Business Group for use of city signs, the second sign at Superior and Hwy 115. Carried

Guest Speaker(s): Terry Lanoue, from Long Prairie Sanitation, came to ask city council if changing the city garbage pickup day could move from Fridays to Mondays before the end of the year. Along with the change, Terry also asked the council to consider extending the contract with Long Prairie Sanitation for an additional 5 (five) years and they will provide city with an upgrade to the recycle bins from a handheld container to a 64 gallon recycle canister.


Motioned by Noss and seconded by Adamski to change garbage pickup day to Mondays and with an addendum to the current contract with no other changes but the five year extension. Carried


David Drown, with David Drown Associates the municipal financial advisor, came to the city council to provide the opportunity for the city to refinance existing Bonds the city has from 2007 and 2009. According to David, if the city refinances these two Bonds, at the current interest rates would be saving the city from paying additional fees and extra interest. David recommends that this in the city’s best interest to refinance now.


Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Noss to complete the application process for refinancing the two existing Bonds 2007B and 2009A with the intent to lower interest rates and remove additional fees. Carried


Old Business:

Motioned by Noss and seconded by Adamski to accept liability on behalf of hosting special event, Randall Holly Day December 4, 204 from 4-7pm. Carried


New Business:

Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Noss to officially approve Matthew Pantzke as the Randall City Manager. Carried


Motioned by Noss and seconded by Andres to set Truth and Taxation meeting for Final 2015 Tax Levy for 6:30 on December 17, 2014 followed by regularly scheduled council meeting at 7pm. Carried


Dave Reese, Widseth, Smith & Nolting, contacted Matt with a an update to the improvement and an additional survey will need to be completed for the East 4 Street, Improvement No. 2014-03, from Pacific Avenue to River Road. This survey will have fees of approximately $1,700.


Motioned by Noss and seconded by Adamski to accept the additional fee of $1,700 for the survey to Improvement No. 2014-03 from Pacific Avenue to River Road. Carried


2014 Election Results as listed:

Mayor – Bob Riitters = 123

Council member – Charley Andres = 144

Council member – Gerald Adamski = 139

Council member – Danny Noss = 131

Motioned by Noss and seconded by Adamski to accept 2014 Election Results as listed above. Carried


Planning & Zoning permits: Motion by Adamski and seconded by Noss to accept the following permits: 1.) Robert Meacham, 9 Park Drive, 8 x 10 ft storage shed 2.) Darrell Bostrom, 205 East 4th Street, to install door and 6 x 6 deck 3.) Robert Helmerick to install siding and new windows to 130 East 4th Street. Carried


City Manager / Liquor Store: Matt wants to remind the council to think about renewal of the mosquito spray and if it is what they want to do in 2015, council will need to decide before 2015 utility bills. Matt is going to request three county road signs for vehicle noise control.


Water and Sewer:  Mike has received Type 4 Bio-Solids License and completed the Water Class D certification.


Maintenance Department: Nothing to report.


Police Department Report: Chief Strack present to the council updates and to request council to approve training hours of 40 hours while county sheriff will be present during his absence.


Motioned by Noss and seconded by Andres to pay for training hours of equal to his pay of 40 hours per pay period. Carried


Council Member’s concerns:

Adamski: Nothing to report.


Dan: During the campaigning for the election the public’s biggest concerns were speeding and police presences. Chief Strack replied to the concerns that his presence is part time and mostly evening. The city may still not be aware that that Chief is here. The speeding will be a concern but no real solutions are viable but to abide by the speed limits.


Charley: Nothing to report.



Meeting adjourned at 8:42 pm. Next regularly scheduled council meeting will be December 17, 2014 at Randall Fire Hall.