September 15, 2010

The regular meeting of the Randall city council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. with all members present.  The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Carter 2nd by Turner to approve the minutes as presented.  Carried

                After reviewing the bills to pay for the month and adding one additional bill from Crosby & Sons Const., a motion was made by Turner 2nd by Adamski to pay all bills presented.  Carried


                Jeff Hines  & Greg Rutten were present to ask the council if there is any interest in the property at 531 Pacific Avenue.  Rutten owns this property and would be willing to negotiate a price with the city for the land and would like to keep the house and garage on the property for a period of time and rent it out, in hopes to recover some of their investment.  They would then remove the house and garage from the property and the city would own the lot.  A meeting will be held with Hines and Rutten next week to discuss this further.  Mayor Riitters, Jerry Peterschick and one councilperson will attend this meeting also.


                The floor in the men’s restroom at the Liquor Store is complete.

                Jerry Peterschick contacted Pierz regarding the energy rebate program they are part of with Minnesota Power.  He also was in contact with the person in charge of this program and will receive more information before the next meeting.  This rebate program is for residential customers only.


                Each year the refuse/recycling fees to the city are increased by 3%, per the city’s contract with Long Prairie Sanitary Service.  Last year the city did not increase the rates to the customer.  Upon reviewing the rates after this year’s increase, it was discovered that the city will be losing money if rates are not increased.  It was suggested to increase the rates by the following amounts:  35gal can by $1.00, 65gal can by $1.50 and 95gal can by $2.00.  Motion by Carter 2nd by Andres to approve the increase for refuse/recycling as presented, effective October 1, 2010.  Carried


                Motion by Andres 2nd by Adamski to accept the MMUA Circuit Rider Agreement for $4,570.00 as presented.  Carried

                There were no permits for Planning and Zoning this month.


                Motion by Carter 2nd by Adamski to set the Truth in Taxation meeting for December 15, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the fire hall meeting room.  Carried


                Mayor Riitters briefly reviewed the amounts of Local Government Aid (LGA) the city has received for the past few years and also pointed out that the LGA the city is proposed to receive for 2011 is $127,770.00.  The council then reviewed the budget and financial status of each fund, and noted that the city did not increase taxes last year, therefore,  it was recommended to increase the tax levy for 2011 by $10,000.00, an 8% increase.

                Motion by Carter 2nd by Andres to set the 2011 preliminary tax levy at $135,000.00.  Carried


                The delinquent utility list was reviewed and there were 3 disconnects this month.  2 have paid and been turned back on but 1 remains disconnected.


                The League of MN Cities Regional meeting is scheduled for September 30 at 1:00 p.m. in Walker.  Any councilmembers interested in attending should contact city hall by next week.


                The Randall Area Business Group would like permission to do some clean-up at the property where the carnival was held this summer.  There is some brush and small amount of garbage items that need to be picked up.  The council does not have a problem with this and the group may move forward with this project.


                Jerry Peterschick is going to contact the DNR regarding a beaver causing problems in a portion of the river in the city. 

                Mayor Riitters attended the Randall Area Business Groups meeting this last Tuesday and informed the council that the group is working with the Initiative Foundation on different issues and if the group would be awarded a grant for something, it would have to go through the city.


                Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.