March 19, 2019

Regularly scheduled City Council Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Mayor Dan Noss.


All council present Mayor Dan Noss, Clerk Gerald Adamski, Deputy Mayor Jeff Wright, council members Jim Chyba and Rick Turner. Also present were sixteen (16) guests along with Tom Dumont and Ken Hansen from MNDOT, Steve Backowski, Deb Gruber, Jeff Jelinski and Mike LeMieur from Morrison County and Jon Archer with Schlenner, Wenner & Co.


New Business:

MNDOT Presentation on the Highway 10 crossings in Randall: Tom Dumont and Ken Hansen from MNDOT started the meeting with their presentation on the Highway 10 crossings in Randall. MN DOT is contemplating some safety improvements to the three crossings in Randall due to the amount of severe and sometimes fatal accidents. The solution that MNDOT is using throughout the state of Minnesota on these types of rural expressway crossings is a reduced conflict intersection (RCI). Tom went on to explain how they work and the historical data they have about the crossings in Randall.

Questions and Comments: After the presentation guests had an opportunity to ask questions or comment about the presentation. The majority of the guests felt that the speed limit should be reduced through Randall like all other small towns along Highway 10. Tom responded that Randall does not have as many buildings along the highway as the other communities and drivers won’t slow down. The other concern is how are large trucks and trailers as well as farm machinery going to safely navigate through this type of intersection. Tom went on to explain that larger turn lanes and medians can be designed to accommodate this type of traffic. One of the guests stated that she would be willing to fund raise for speed limit signs, and also asked if she could start a petition against the RCI and where she could send it.


Council accepted the minutes of the Regular council meeting on February 20, 2019 as presented


Payment of the bills – There were no questions on the bills in the financial packet and city staff paid as presented.


SWC Presentation of the 2018 Financial Audit: Jon Archer with Schlenner, Wenner & Co. gave the City council the 2018 audit summary. Overall the audit went good. There was nothing unusual or unexpected found when completing the audit and required reports. Jon informed the Council that in 2018 all funds had an increase except the sewer fund; he also noted that the liquor fund had exceptional growth.

Motion by Adamski and seconded by Turner to approve the 2018 Audit as presented. Carried



Darling/Green Prairie Park is requesting unspecifieddonation for park repairs and maintenance. In the past the city has made annual to donations of $500. Motion by Adamski and seconded by Wright to donate $500 to Darling/Green Prairie Park for repairs and maintenance. Carried


Old Business:

Bucket Truck purchase from Brainerd Public Utilities: Matt has received a purchase agreement from Brainerd Public Utilities in the amount of $24,999 for the Bucket Truck purchase. The city will receive the truck until sometime this fall. Motion by Chyba and seconded by Turner to purchase the Bucket Truck purchase from Brainerd Public Utilities in the amount of $24,999. Carried


Natural Gas Hedging: Matt has locked in as approved in February the Natural Gas purchase for the 2020/2021 season. He has not locked in a purchase for the 2019/2020 yet due to the short term rise of natural gas purchasing price caused by extremely cold weather this winter. Matt was informed that the price should lower once the 2018/2019 heating season is done.


Planning & Zoning permits: Innsbrook Motel has inquired about converting there building to apartments. After discussion, no permit is needed from the city because all changes made are not affecting the exterior of the building.


Review delinquent utility accounts:

Cold weather rule ends April 15th. Mayor Noss wants to make sure residents understand Cold weather rule ends April 15th and additional notification will be sent to habitual delinquent accounts informing them of disconnection if their utility bills are not paid in full.


Committee Reports:

City Manager/Liquor Store:

City Hall had Ice Damage to the A/C Unit and the exterior of the south side of the building. This is covered by the cities insurance and the deductible will be $1,000. Total cost to repair is estimated at $4,000. The liquor store is doing great year to date, but there is concern for the upcoming months and how the absence of the grocery store will affect it and the other businesses in town.


Maintenance Supervisor Report – Pat: Pat will be attend trainings and conferences coming up in the next couple months. He has been busy keeping drains and culverts open up to insure water from the snowmelt is not backing up onto the streets.


Water and Sewer – Mike: The VFD’s were installed at the Sewer Plant and are working great. Matt noticed that the paint on legs of the water tower is starting to flake off. He will be calling the company that did the work last summer.


Council Member’s concerns:

Ernie (Jeff) – None at this time                    Jim –None at this time                   Rick – None at this time

Dan – Thank you for the card on the passing of his mother

Jerry – He just wanted let it be known that the trees removed from his property were because they were too close to the powerlines.


Next meeting: Regularly scheduled city council meeting Wednesday April 17, 2019 at 7pm


Location: Randall Fire Hall


Adjourned 8:52 p.m.