September 19, 2018

Regular city council meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Mayor Dan Noss, all members present, Clerk Jerry Adamski, Deputy Mayor Charley Andres, council member Jim Chyba present and council member Rick Turner.


Council accepted the minutes of the August 15, 2018 as presented.


Motion by Adamski and seconded by Turner to approve the payment of the bills as presented. Carried


Guest(s): None at this time.


Public Comment and Concern: None at this time.


Donations: None at this time.


Old Business:

Matt gave a brief update on the water project. The Open House for the Water Treatment Plant will be October 4th from 2pm-5pm. Matt will be sending a newsletter with the Utility Bills in September inviting residents to come and see the new plant. He will also be inviting Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Public Facilities Authority. Mayor Noss will be inviting Morrison Co. Commissioner for District 1, Mike LeMieur and other Morrison Co. Commissioners. Widseth Smith Nolting will be creating a poster explaining the features of the plant. Matt will talk to a few of the residents that live near the Water Treatment Plant and ask permission to use their property for temporary parking if needed for the event.

The City of Randall is launching the online payment option for utility bills with PSN starting November 1, 2018. Matt and Jody will be receiving training from both PSN and USTI. If the residents have any questions setting up the payment options with PSN, they can contact both City of Randall and PSN for answers. This information will also be in the newsletter going in the Utility Bills in September.

New Business:

Matt has done some research and found a solution for ordinance violations within the City of Randall. The passing of Resolution No. 09192018 will allow the city to issue an Administrative ticket with a fine of $75 to a resident for any ordinance violation. This will only happen if a formal complaint is made to the City and the violator does not correct violation after a verbal warning. The Notice of Code Violation has a 14 day time frame for the violator to correct the violation and the $75 fee could be waived.  After this time frame has elapsed and the violation is not corrected, The Notice of Code Violation could be submitted to the Morrison County Attorney, be considered a misdemeanor and be prosecuted.


Motion by Turner and seconded by Andres to adopt Resolution No. 09192018 the provisions of Minnesota Basic Code of Ordinances § 10.98 and a schedule of offenses and voluntary administrative penalties. Carried


Upon request the Morrison County Sheriff has submitted a contract for Law Enforcement in the City of Randall for the 2019 calendar year. The terms of the contract will remain the same as the current contract that expires 12/31/2018 which includes an average of30 hours of coverage each month at a cost of $2000 per month. Sheriff Larsen would like to renew this contract annually with the possibility of a longer term between renewals in the future. The council all agreed that contracting with the Sheriff is working well.


Motion by Andres and seconded by Chyba to renew the contract with Morrison Co. Sheriff Department for 1/1/2019-12/31/2019. Carried


Next the council discussed selling all police related equipment. First is to look at selling would the squad car. The squad car is a 2016 Ford Police Interceptor, fully equipped. Matt suggested the squad car go out on sealed bid with an ad being published in the Morrison Co. Record. Matt will also reach out to surrounding departments to make them aware of the squad sale. The city would open any and all bids at the October 2018 regular Council meeting. The city council will reserve the right to reject any and all bids. If the Council does not accept any of the sealed bids then Matt will look at other sources to sell the squad car.


Motion by Andres and seconded by Chyba to put the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor up for sealed bid, accepting the bids until Tuesday October 16, 2018. Carried


The City also has two (2) 800 MHz that we received as part of a FEMA grant in 2011. Scott Hughson, the Randall Fire Chief, has formally written a letter requesting the use of the radios. In the event that the City of Randall was to activate the Police Department in the future the Fire Department would transfer the radios back to the City of Randall.


Motion by Turner and seconded by Adamski to donate two (2) 800mhz police radios to the Randall Fire Department with the notice that in the event that the City of Randall were to activate the Police Department in the future the Fire Department would transfer the radios back to the City of Randall. Carried


The remaining police related equipment includes three (3) firearms and related equipment that the City of Randall will no longer need. The City can only sell them to a federally licensed dealer. Shooting Sports a federally licensed dealer in, Little Falls, MN is interested in viewing the equipment and making an offer.


Motion by Adamski and seconded by Turner to sell the firearms and any other firearm related equipment to Shooting Sports, Little Falls, MN. Carried


The council will need to set Preliminary Tax Levy for 2019. The City of Randall current tax levy is $155,000. See Below for percentage increase:
























The Council discussed the fact that the levy has not been increased in 2 years and the need for infrastructure updating in the near future. Matt informed the Council that the city hall bond will be paid off in 2019 which we currently levy just over $18000 annually. The Brummer TIF district will also be paid off in 2020 which will also generate some additional general fund revenue. The 1, 14 and 104 bond payments are nearly 2 thousand dollars higher in 2019 than 2018. The council had additional discussion regarding the 2019 budget and future infrastructure needs.

Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Turner to set the Preliminary Tax Levy for 2019 at 5%. Carried


Planning & Zoning permits: Approve the following permit(s) as approved by the Planning and Zoning committee:

  1. Jared Lamser, 124 East 6th street, to build a12x16 storage shed in the back yard, approval of the permit as long as the construction in consistent with the other buildings on the property.
  2. Jeff Turner, 227 1st street, to move in a pre-built 8x12 storage shed to replace the 2 existing storage sheds.
  3. Bill and Mary Venske, 243 1st street, to put up a 12x20 “shed in a box” storage building.

Motion by Adamski and seconded by Andres to approve the permits as listed above. Motion Carried


Also discussed at the Planning and Zoning meeting Monday September 10, 2018 was the city owned property in the Brummer Addition. The committee wants to continue with the development of the city owned property. Matt and Mayor Noss took a look at the property and Matt thinks that a road could go in where the current snowmobile trail is about 900 feet heading West then turn to the South about 300 feet and then turning East and connecting to the existing Brummer Drive. These would create 28 lots that would be each about 100 feet wide which would larger and more appealing to property owners. The council agrees that we need to continue researching the development and looking for a developer.


Review delinquent utility accounts:

Matt wanted to make council aware that Cold Weather Rule starts October 15.There has been much improvement on the delinquent list and the amount of residents leaving town with a utility balance. The improvements are partly due to the increased utility deposit, collecting the resident’s social security number, and using the Minnesota Revenue Recapture program.


Committee Reports:  

City Manager/Liquor Store – Matt: Wiczek's Floors & More will be here to install carpet on Monday October 15, 2018. Bingo Park Building will be first and then they will move to the Liquor Store. During this same time frame the Liquor store will be completing the other improvements before carpet gets installed. The Liquor Store will be closed for the carpet installation which will take approximately 1 day. Year to date Liquor store sales and profits are up considerably over 2018.


Maintenance Supervisor Report – Patrick: Patrick has completed his first of four years in the Lineman program and just got back from attending Lineman school in Marshall.


Water and Sewer – Mike: Nothing to report, getting ready for the Open House and maintaining daily tasks.


Council Member’s concerns:

Charley – What is the status of the culvert on Parkview Drive for the school? Knife River is responsible to complete this repair.

Rick – none

Jim – none

Mayor Noss –none

Jerry – none


Next meeting: Next Regularly scheduled city council meeting 7pm at Randall Fire Hall meeting room October 17, 2018.

Adjourned at 8:02 p.m.                                                                                                                                                         Jody Lausen,

City Recorder