February 15, 2017

Regular city council meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. with Mayor Dan Noss, Clerk Jerry Adamski, council members Rick Turner and Jim Chyba present. Deputy Mayor Charley Andres not present.

Council accepted the minutes of the council meeting January 18, 2017 as presented.

Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Turner to approve the payment of the bills as presented. Carried


Guests: Jon Archer, CPA, Partner, Schlenner Wenner & Co. was present to give the 2016 annual audit for the City of Randall and to present the council members with 2016 State Audit.

Public Comment & Concern: None at this time.

Donations: None at this time.

Old Business: Tonka Water will be doing a jar test next week with a water sample from the test hole to determine the recommended treatment for the water plant.

New Business: Schlenner Wenner & Co. came January 23 and January 24 for the 2016 Audit. The audit overall was good.

Motioned by Turner and seconded by Adamski to accept the 2016 annual audit for the City of Randall and State Audit as presented by Jon Archer, Schlenner Wenner & Co. Carried

On Monday March 20, 2017 the Lions Clubs are having a private meeting at the Rail-Line Grill. The Randall Cushing Area Lions Club is requesting a one day liquor license for this event.

Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Turner to approve a one day liquor license for March 20, 2017 for the Randall Cushing Area Lions Club. Carried

Randall City Clean-up Day will be May 13th. The City wide garage sales are scheduled for the week before starting May 3rd to May 5th, with the Randall Treasure Day on May 6th.

Local Board of Appeals Friday April 21, 2017 at 10 am fire hall meeting room. Mayor Noss, Clerk Adamski and Deputy Mayor Andres will be present.

Planning & Zoning permits: 1. Randall VFW to take down the existing wooden wall and move it back, and build a 6 foot block wall from VFW to Bermel’s Shoe, to move the monument from up at the water tower area, and install between the VFW and Bermel’s, allowing more engraved bricks on the wall as needed. Motioned by Turner and seconded by Chyba to approve permit (1) as presented above. Carried

2. Ruth Loberg, property owner, was present to give an update of the existing permit with Harry Miller. Motioned by Noss and seconded by Turner to approve the existing permit with stipulations as presented at the December 21, 2016 regular city council meeting, the construction needs to be completed by August 31, 2017. Carried, Adamski abstained from voting.

Committee Reports:

City Manager/Liquor Store – Matt: Jody has been busy with the audit and did a great job keeping up with Schlenner Wenner & Co. when they were here January 23, 2017 and January 24, 2017. The option of on-line utility billing is still being looked at and more research needs to be done. The Liquor Store received the new credit card terminal and is working good.

Maintenance Supervisor Report – Wendell: Patrick has now been with the city for a month and doing a great job. Wendell was originally going to keep receiving the total Auto Reimbursement of $250.00 monthly until April 2017 but Wendell thinks they should split the Auto Reimbursement starting February, each receiving $125.00.

Water and Sewer – Mike: Patrick and Mike are now covering the sewer plant on the weekends. They have also been busy repainting the preliminary room at the sewer plant. Mike is registered to take the Class C Wastewater test in March 2017.

Police Department Report – Chief Strack: Police Officer Mitchell Tavares has been visiting residents about nonregistered vehicles. Chief Strack purchased door hangers, which will allow the Police Department to leave information about any potential violations at a residence in the event the owner is not home at the time of a visit.

Council Member’s concerns:

Rick – would like to discuss more options about the permits for Whispering Willow Estates Trailer Park.

Charley – No present

Jerry – None at this time

Jim – wants to know if the 4th of July Committee has meet yet to discuss this year’s events. Yes Matt has actually talked to Donna, Mike and Diane. A meeting with just them would take place first, then a second meeting including all the different clubs and groups that help with the celebration. There are no dates set yet.

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m. Next regularly scheduled city council meeting will be Wednesday March 15, 2017 7pm at the Randall Fire Hall Meeting room.