June 20, 2016

Meeting called to order at 10:00 am By Mayor Riitters. All councilmen present along with Matt Pantzke, Mike Hubner, and Dan Thilquist from the city of Randall. Also present were Dave Reese, Brian Ross and Mark Callen from WSN along with Dave Shultz and George Minerich from MDH. Chad Kolstad and Gail Haglund also from MDH were remotely participating via phone.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the well project after the city was informed by MDH that the site we had selected for the new well may not be the best source of water due to the elevated levels of Manganese. The City also found out that we are not eligible for any loan forgiveness on the project due to the small amount of debt and operating costs incurred by the water system. Mayor Riitters turned the meeting over to City Manager Matt Pantzke after a round of introductions. Matt asked the group why we had been led to believe that up to 80 % would be forgiven and why after all of the testing done by MDH and WSN on the water samples from the test well we were not told to continue looking for a better source of water. WSN responded that they did not think the manganese was that big of an issue. Dave Shultz said that he had not been involved until very recently otherwise he would have recommended to stop the project. As far as the funding Chad Kolstad stated that until reviewing all of the city’s financial information they do not know what the city can afford. After much discussion it was determined to certify the project with the state and continue looking at other sites for a new well. If there is not a suitable site within the city a treatment plant may be the best option. George Minerich said there should be some grant money available in August for some more test drilling. Matt and Mike will be working with Dave and George with MDH on site selection and testing.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 by Mayor Riitters.