May 17, 2017

Regular city council meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. with all present, Mayor Dan Noss, Clerk Jerry Adamski, Deputy Mayor Charley Andres, council members Rick Turner and Jim Chyba present.


Council accepted the minutes of the council meeting April 19, 2017 as presented.


Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Andres to approve the payment of the bills as presented. Carried


Guest(s): None at this time.        

Donations: None at this time.

Old Business:

Matt gave a water project update. At this point we are waiting for legislature to pass the bonding bill. City of Randall is on the 2018 IUP list and completed applications for grant eligibility. The city did receive a grant from the Department of Health in the amount of $1,957.50 for the test well.

On May 6th the city received proceeds from Surplus City Property at public auction in the amount of $497.70. This will go to the Liquor Store fund.

Matt has completed the Natural Gas Hedging and locked in at 80% for the 2018/2019 season at $3.17 and allocated 47% for the 2017/2018 season at $3.31.

Matt talked to Mike Willilts, with MMUA about the build your own lineman program. This 4 year program could cost the city $35,000 for Patrick to complete. Matt needs to talk more about the program in detail council member Chyba, Turner and Mayor Noss. Once this is completed the Personnel Board will meet with Patrick and bring to the June council meeting for approval.

Matt and Jody just completed the Minnesota Revenue Recovery training last week. This was webinar based training and went the basics of submitting delinquent utilities to the state for payment. There a few other details to work on but once completed we can start using this method to collect.

New Business:

The Randall Cushing Area Lions are requesting approval for a beer permit for the Friday July 3rd the night of the 4th of July Celebration with Street Dance and Fireworks in Randall.


Motioned by Turner and seconded by Chyba to approve the beer permit to the Randall Cushing Area Lion for the Friday July 3rd the night, as part of the 4th of July Celebration Street Dance and Fireworks from 7pm to 12am. Carried


Matt was also in contact with the 4th of July committee member, Donna Lundgren. She stopped and talked to Matt about street dance and fireworks on the night of July 3rd.


The city received a crack filling bid from All Things Asphalt for the amount of $2,550 for 1,500 pounds of fill. So if we only use 1400 pounds that is what we pay for. This is same company that did work on the streets last summer. The bid this year is for E 4th Street & Superior Avenue.


Motioned Adamski and seconded by Andres to accept the a crack filling bid from All Things Asphalt for the amount of $2,550 for 1,500 pounds to complete E 4th Street & Superior Avenue. Carried


Matt wanted to make council members aware the city will be having the annual natural gas audit with Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety, MNOPS, on May 30th and 31st.


Planning & Zoning permits: There are seven permits as follows as approved by the Planning and Zoning committee:

  1. Todd Koning, to build a 36’x28’x9’ tall garage, 6-12 pitch roof with attic style rafters

  2. Rick Turner, to build a 36’x50’ pole building with 14’ side walls

  3. Jared Dolney, to put new siding and soffits on house and garage

  4. Zachary Alexander, adding green treated wood deck to house

  5. Brandon Torkelson, to bring in a pre-built 12’x20’storage shed

  6. Jeff Wright, to install new siding on garage and on the front of the house, 20’x24’ and 15’x8’

  7. Roger Pietron, to put up a 12’x16’ billboard on property, with the stipulation to follow all DOT rules and regulations for view of roadway being it’s on a state highway. Also to install one(1) 2’x4’ window to the west side of the building and to install two(2) 2’x4’ windows to the south side of the building

Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Chyba to approve the 7 permits as approved by the Planning and Zoning committee. Carried

Committee Reports:  

City Manager/Liquor Store: Matt will be putting a newsletter together for the May utility bills. A few items on the newsletter will be a reminder of the lawn mowing, mosquito spraying and 4th of July Celebration. There will be a new part-time bartender starting tomorrow. She has experience and will be picking up Thursday, Friday, Saturday shifts as well as she may be picking up the Sunday shifts in the Off Sale.

Maintenance Supervisor Report – (Wendell) Patrick: The tractor is need of a few repairs. It will be brought to Modern Farm, in Pierz. There has been discussion on replacing the three year old tractor. At this point, the city will evaluate what the best option will be.

Water and Sewer – Mike: Matt asked council members if they had any questions from the tour of the treatment plant from April. There was none. There might be a water leak at Whisper Willows Estates and this will be monitored.

Police Department Report – Chuck: Matt put together some packets for the Police Department to take to the parents of some of the area children to show them what the youth have been doing. This seems to helping.

Council Member’s concerns:

Charley – Nothing at this time                     Jerry A.  – Nothing at this time

Rick – Nothing at this time                           Jim – Nothing at this time

Next meeting: Regularly scheduled city council meeting Wednesday June 21, 2017 7pm at Randall Fire Hall meeting room.


Adjournment at 7:43 p.m.