February 21, 2018

Regular city council meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Mayor Dan Noss, with Clerk Jerry Adamski, council members Rick Turner and Jim Chyba present. Not present Deputy Mayor Charley Andres.


Council accepted the minutes of the January 17, 2018 meeting as presented.


Motioned by Turner and seconded by Adamski to approve the payment of the bills as presented. Carried


Public Comment and Concern: None at this time.

Donations: None at this time.

Guest(s): Susan Roberts, Randall Area Business Group; Donna Lundgren and Mike Drew, 4th of July Committee; and Jon Archer, CPA; Schlenner, Wenner & Co.

Donna Lundgren and Mike Drew, 4th of July Committee informed the city council that the 4th of July Celebration will start Tuesday July 3rd with a street dance and fireworks at dusk and the parade on July 4th at 11 am. Susan Roberts informed city council and Donna and Mike that the Randall Area Business Group will be selling glow necklaces at area businesses before the Celebration and the night of the 3rd. They will also sponsor the Duck Races following the parade on the 4th as done in the past. Councilman Turner asked that they explore additional activities to help hold the crowd on the 4th after the parade. Additionally he would like to know the cost of the portable restrooms and would like to see more of them and have them cleaned on the morning of the parade. Donna will look into the cost and let the city manager know.

Motioned by Chyba and seconded by Adamski to approve a donation of $4,500.00 to the 4th of July Committee for the 2018 Celebration. Carried

Susan Roberts, Randall Area Business Group, was present to inform the city council of the 2018 activities they have planned. The events are the Randall Garage Sale days & Treasure Day May 3rd, 4th and 5th; Duck Races, as part of the 4th of July Celebration and Randall Holly Day December 5th or 6th.

Jon Archer, CPA; Schlenner, Wenner & Co. presented the City of Randall 2017 annual audit and financial review. Overall the city’s audit was well, with the only concern being the declining funds in the general fund.

Motioned by Turner and seconded by Adamski to approve the audited financial statements from 2017 as presented by Jon Archer, CPA; Schlenner, Wenner & Co. Carried

Old Business: Council members Chyba voiced his concern over the Police department arrangement. Officer Strack’s availability is limited due to his fulltime employment with the City of Little Falls and the Drug Task Force. The council has discussed researching all options for law enforcement in the City of Randall, but has not taken action yet. After discussion Councilmen Chyba and Adamski both members of the Police Commission agreed to meet before next regular council meeting to give their recommendations for the police department.

New Business:

Matt informed the council that the Randall City Clean-up Day is set for Saturday May 12, 2018 8am to 10am in the parking lot across from the Fire Department. He has also submitted grant paperwork to the county for financial assistance to help cover the cost of cleanup.

The 2002 Stihl pole saw is no longer operating properly and repairs are estimated at $470, a new pole saw is available from Evan’s for $670. There is no trade value for the old saw. Councilman Adamski asked that it be put up for bid in the future.


Motioned by Turner and seconded by Chyba to approve purchase of Pole Saw from Evan’s Implement for $670. Carried


Motioned by Adamski and seconded by Turner to approve the Change Order No. 4 for the 2017 Water System Improvement which is an increase of $1,205.00 for the installation of a 100A panel to complete the electrical service to cold storage building. Carried


Motioned by Turner and seconded by Noss to approve the Contractor’s Application for Payment No. 5 for the 2017 Water System Improvement in the amount of $331,610.38 for services through February 16, 2018. Carried


Matt wanted to inform the city council of the updated charges from the Joint Advisory Fire Board for Randall Fire Department. In 2017 there was an error when the county calculated the percentage amounts per township and cities for the year. They actually under charged the city and over charged some townships. The correction was made for 2018.


Local Board of Equalization is set for April 18, 2018 at 11:00am at the Randall Fire Hall Meeting Room


Planning & Zoning permits: None at this time

The Planning & Zoning committee decided that moving forward to only meet on an as needed basis.


Committee Reports:  

City Manager/Liquor Store – Matt: Snow removal has been good and with the John Deere skid loader and city plow truck the amount of time has dropped several hours when clearing the streets. The tree trimming in Bingo Park and the clean-up help from Morrison County Sentence-To-Serve Program is complete. They will return in the spring to rake the park and do any additional cleanup if necessary. The Liquor Store will be purchasing some replacement bar stools and a laptop computer in the near future.

Matt wanted to talk to the council about the city commercial and residential lots that they have had for sale between Eagle Court and White Oak Drive. The city has had them for sale privately and there haven’t been any offers or interest. Matt suggested to the council that it is time to use a real estate agent to list the properties and hopefully generate some interest. Adamski and Matt agreed to meet and come back to council with a value and listing agent.

Maintenance Supervisor Report – Patrick: Pat just completed one of four Meter Schools.

Water and Sewer – Mike: Mike has been helping at the Water Treatment site as he can and normal daily duties.

Police Department Report – Chief Strack: Charlie has been on medical restrictions since the end of December and just received the okay to return to duty February 26, 2018 without restrictions.

Council Member’s concerns:

Charley – Not present                    Rick – Nothing at this time

Jim – The summary of the audit presentation was great. It was much easier to follow than the prior method.

Jerry – Just wanted to thank the city staff for all the work that they do.

Mayor Noss – wanted to inform the council that he and the Mayors of Morrison County will be looking at going to the State Legislators for help with the one major concern that the cities in Morrison County all have and that is the aging infrastructure.

Next meeting: Regularly scheduled city council meeting 7pm at Randall Fire Hall meeting room March 21, 2018. Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.